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 From Google.com Nov. 5, 2003

Google Search posted on Google # out of
God blesses those who bless Israel 3 & 4 18,600
Holy book Islam  3 340,000
ACLU and NEA 3 & 4 5,950
Intercourse Sodomy 4 & 5* 57,600
Thank you Vietnam Vets 5 24,600
ArnoldSchwarzenegger, Davis Recall 5 195,000
Hearing God, Miracles 5 & 6 124,000
Dept. of Education, Islam 6, 7, 13* & 14* 45,600
Jewish Articles  9 1,600,000
California Davis Recall 11 & 12 575,000

our older posts, previously placed higher

Muslim Soldier*  11*, 14 & 15 236,000
Columbia Shuttle crash  11 44,900
President Bush and Iraq  13 3,410,000
John Walker  32 4,060,000

*   republished through SierraTimes.com 
** held #1 for months
 bolded indicate over a million

These were placed on google after almost a month of not posting anything, since Nov. 5 some have moved even higher.

We can do ALL things in Christ...apart from Him, we can do nothing!

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