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by Paul Sperry

Posted: October 2, 2002
1:00 a.m. Eastern

WASHINGTON It's really no surprise that Johnny bin Walker's alleged gay Pakistani lover now denies their tryst reported in Time. Pakistan is the last place a homosexual would want to be outed.

Sodomy carries the death penalty there, according to Amnesty International.

Earlier this month, a Pakistani religious school teacher who sodomized a student was so afraid another student would tell police what he witnessed that he cut out the 13-year-old boy's tongue with a razor.

Pakistan isn't the only Muslim state where homosexual acts are punishable by death. It's also Islamic law in Sudan, Afghanistan, the Chechen Republic, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen, says Amnesty International.

Islam's apologists on the left must have skipped over that chapter in their human-rights guides.

Gay-rights lobbyists in San Francisco, New York and Miami who think America is backward because it doesn't see the need for extra-constitutional favors for homosexuals, and even barbaric because it allows some states to still keep anti-sodomy laws on their books, will take little comfort in knowing that stoning and beheading sodomites might be the first order of business if Muslims succeed in their secret agenda of replacing the U.S. Constitution with the Koran.

The Koran is far more severe in its condemnation of homosexuality than the Bible.

The Muslims' sacred book calls it an indescribable "sin and crime," and clerics interpret from Muhammad's account of Sodom that it should be punishable by stoning, says Ph.D. historian Serge Trifkovic, author of "The Sword of the Prophet: Islam History, Theology, Impact on the World."

Thus at least five men convicted a few years ago of sodomy by Afghanistan's shari'a courts were lined up under tall stone walls and then buried under the rubble as the walls were collapsed on top of them, according to a 1998 Amnesty International report.

In January 1990, at least three homosexual men and two lesbians were publicly beheaded in Iran, Amnesty International says.

Trifkovic says Iran has executed as many as 4,000 homosexuals since 1979's Islamic revolution.

Iran's shari'a is clear on gay punishment.

The Islamic Penal Law Against Homosexuals, approved in July 1991 and ratified in November of that year, states in Article 110: "Punishment for sodomy is killing; the shari'a judge decides on how to carry out the killing."

Lesbians are given more leniency to a point.

Article 129: "Punishment for lesbianism is 100 lashes for each party."

But Article 131 adds, "If the act of lesbianism is repeated three times and punishment is enforced each time, the death sentence will be issued the fourth time."

Last year in Saudi Arabia, six homosexual men were executed on charges of deviant sexual behavior. Some were flogged beforehand.

In addition to the Koran, many hadiths condemn liwat, or homosexual intercourse, Trifkovic says.

"When a man mounts another man, the throne of Allah shakes," says one. "Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to."

Homophiles who gush tolerance for Islam may argue that these are merely the ancient practices of Third World countries that have yet to catch up with modern civilization. Certainly, they reason, Muslims in America are more enlightened about homosexuality and tolerant of homosexuals.

Don't be so sure.

According to a Zogby International poll of American Muslims taken in November and December of last year, a whopping 71 percent oppose "allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally." And 68 percent support the death penalty.

But don't worry, Islam is a tolerant, nonviolent religion.