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Houghton Mifflin's biased version of Jesus and Judaism for the 6th grade


 “Who will go for Me?”  Any Christian in a position of power, I am begging that you pick up this cause.  I am a simple working mom.  I have no resources to organize a campaign.  This has been my part, now God calls you and all saints to rise up and say NO to what public school is doing.  Are you His?  Are you in the Promised Land hiding from the giants or will you fight like Joshua?  This is not MY fight alone, I’m at the gate sounding the alarm.  Wolves are RAVAGING our children!  World Net Daily, www.wnd.com recently did a poll asking “What do you think of public schools, and nationwide, with over 4,500 responses, the overwhelming answer is “They are corrupting our children.”  But we need to act.  Don’t tell me to homeschool, I represent thousands who can’t and I speak on behalf of the millions of lost children who don’t know Jesus.  FIGHT FOR THEM!  Our government is paying to teach our children about false gods, homosexuality, evolution, atheism, sorcery.  GOD IS ANGRY.  To deny that is to deny the whole Old Testament, of which the Bible says was given to us as an example.  The ONLY reason our nation still stands is because God said, “I will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel.”  But I tell you the truth, we are pushing the envelope.  God shows us that when children are sacrificed, nations are DONE.  Our children are dying spiritually.  Do not think God does not see!!!!

 Saints, it’s getting dark.  I did an AOL search for “Gospel” and the FIRST matching site was UNDERSTANDING ISLAM presented by AOL.  PBS’s very whitewashed version included.  There were some Gospel music sites (Islam’s Gospel: doing good for Allah)

Islam is gaining control of this nation from the inside even now, after 911.  How many more Daniel Pearls, homicide bombings, attacks like 911 before we stop spoonfeeding our children a white-washed version of Islam?

  I urge all Christians to contribute to the various Christian Legal Organizations who have been fighting to protect our rights and our children.  Ask your pastor if he’s aware of what’s happening.  If he isn’t, give him a chance to understand the depth of the crisis, the wolves are ravaging our children.  Ask him to lead in some way to fight this.  If your pastor refuses, he is an Ezekiel 34 shepherd, LEAVE HIM.  Ask your church to donate Christian books to the school library.  We must start fighting for the traditional values of our nation.

 Please, God, send laborers.  Saints, don’t think this will take care of itself, or God will do all the fighting for us.  What if Bible greats never responded to His call?  DEFEND OUR KIDS!  I can’t fight this alone, I’ve done what I can and I need to get back to washing feet.  WHO WILL GO FOR GOD?

 -JenT  (Jennifer Shroder)        Printer Friendly Version


12/14/02  My wife sent me this sight, and I am grateful.  We need more voices like yours.

Just so happens we went to my daughters school tonight, they had little skits explaining the meaning of quanzaa(?), Hanukkah, and Christmas. I could not understand the Quanzaa or Hanukkah stories, but when they did Christmas I was embarrassed, at no point did they mention Jesus' name! They referred to Jesus as "him" and "a man". I cannot understand why we can't speak his name. I am very frightened for us, one of the last steps in the collapse of civilizations is the loss of faith and dependence on government.

You site is wonderful, and thank you for your time.

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Additionally, in "Across the Centuries" the Islam section (pg 71) our children are asked to imagine going on a Mecca pilgrimage and build a mosque.  This is titled:  “Preparing For Citizenship.”   In the schools where children were asked to pray to Allah, the words they were given are the only words necessary to become Muslim, thus, in fact, indoctrinating them to Islam.