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from page 627:


In her book, A History of God, Karen Armstrong explains why religion is such a powerful force in people's lives:


Human beings are spiritual animals.  Indeed, there is a case for arguing that Homosapiens is also Homoreligiousus.  Men and women started to worship gods as soon as they became recognizably human; they created religions at the same time they created works of art... These early faiths expressed the wonder and mystery that seem always to have been an essential component of the human experience of this beautiful yet terrifying world.  Like art, religion has been an attempt to find meaning and value in life, despite the suffering that flesh is heir to."

"Write a persuasive speech in order to convince someone that Confucianism can be considered a religion.  Write a dialogue between two people in which each explains the workings of one of the major religions to the other."


COMMENT:  I object to asking children to persuade someone to a different belief.  Should our children experience defending faiths they do not believe in?  What kind of message does that give them?  I would imagine that if a child has no faith or understanding about a religion, and are asked to present those beliefs to each other, they will come to the conclusion that no belief is valid.  Children that have accepted Christianity but have yet to develop discernment, will become confused and their faith will be shaken.  Does the school want to invite the parents of faith to come in and explain what they believe and why?  Obviously not.  Schools are separating children from their parents and asking them to explain that which they have not matured to yet.  This would all be just fine, if there really was no God nor parents that have the right to share their faith with their children.  Who is the state to dictate that my children must be exposed to atheist beliefs, ways of thinking and led to atheist conclusions?

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